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Silicon Valley, technology, and innovation – these are words we usually associate with the state; of California. 

Seldom do we think about mental health and the toll that innovation and hustle culture have on adults and youth every day. 

Unfortunately, this glamour has suppressed the fact that today, over 4,3,000,000 adults suffer from some kind of mental health illness, with 1.3 million of them suffering from severe clinical mental health disorders. 

The use of quick online therapy platforms App and online therapists’ free chat services have risen simultaneously among the youth, seeking help in more accessible ways. Yet, the number is still too low. 

Across 7 universities in California, only 21.2% had reported use of online therapy free chat services. 

Common cause of their use includes:

  • Perceived stress
  • perceived need to seek help
  • Dissatisfaction from past use of professional services
  • social influence 

Why aren’t more Californians Using Online Therapist App Platforms?

There is still a significant part of the population that is reluctant to use online therapy platforms. Main causes include:- 

  1. Privacy and Security Concerns – Apps like Talkspace have been prone to security and privacy concerns regarding what information users express, instilling fear among the population against using online therapist free chat services. 
  1. Accessibility barrier – The inconvenient sign-up process, confusing features, and restrictive chatbot services have led to further un-usability of apps like Youper AI. For example, this app has flagged some concerns.  
  1. Cost concerns – Most online therapists’ free chat services still have a high subscription charge to the level of professional therapy sessions, in the name of “licensed therapy”. This is unnecessary and dangerous to the overall population, as most Californians become negligent from pursuing online therapy platforms in the first place.
  1. Lack of Diversity – Research shows, that California’s Latino and Asian Communities are less likely to spend online costly subscription plans in this therapy chat online plans due to not seeing “worth” their money. This is because mental health continues to be degraded in the public eye, especially for the minority community ailing from a “lack of belonging.” 

The solution: The Ideal Online Therapy Platform For California

Not only is there a dire need and awareness for using online therapist free chat services, but also an urgent improvement is needed for existing online therapy App platforms. Only will fully customized, secure, scientifically proven ‘free chat with therapist apps be able to help out California’s declining mental health population. 

So, What’s the best online therapy platform for California?

In spite of increasing awareness, there is a special need for an ideal online therapist free chat service that takes into account every pain point and barrier to utilize the power of Online therapy platforms

This is where Talkthru’s promising free chat with therapist AI app comes in. Talkthru is not one of those simple video chat services providing only one free chat with a therapist but integrates a highly trained AI chatbot right at the service of California’s Talkthru users. 

What Talkthru offers you:- 

  1. Increased accessibility

Talkthru provides relief to California’s residents by giving them a highly accessible AI-free chat with a therapist chatbot right in their pocket. 

Bonus: Talkthru supports people of color: 

What many online therapy platforms do not address, Talkthru aims to maximize its reach to 20% of Latino adults and 18% of Asian American adults who reported their severe psychological distress, but wouldn’t seek mental help due to aforementioned causes. 

Talkthru continues to break the walls of stigma, limited mobility for the disabled, and lack of local mental health resources by providing a certified online therapist with free chat service right to California’s most in need. 

  1. Talkthru doesn’t judge, it welcomes your efforts to fix yourself: 

Every individual, regardless of gender, age, nationality, or financial constraints, can freely download Talkthru on their device and start using our therapy chat online as seamlessly as a friend is always there for you.

  1. The all-in-one service for your needs: 

Talkthru’s hybrid services have two options:

  1. 24/7 Mental health AI Chatbot: The AI online therapist free chat Therapist that offers a personalized environment with clinically backed techniques to rejuvenate your entire mood. It always ensures you the safe haven you deserve, whenever you need it.
  1. Professional Therapist Services Users who want to upgrade their treatment to more licensed therapy, can connect with professional therapists, and choose the one they like from a variety of options ranging from different clinical fields. 

No matter what, Talkthru offers support to its users without the need for in-person visits. 

Specific Features;

  1. Customised Therapy: Talkthru’s proven CBT techniques target unaddressed mental health needs in California particularly, anxiety, depression, and severe behavioral issues. These techniques are phrased with ease by their own customized online therapist free chat AI bot. 
  1. Impact-driven Motivation: Talkthru’s mental health screener is integrated into its extremely friendly therapy chat online AI chatbot, which helps users express themselves and list out their worries. Talkthru’s instant service provides self-monitoring tools and apt mediation techniques with soothing audio files and self-visualization methods. 
  1. Self-Monitoring Control Over Their Mental Health: By setting realistic goals that are specific to the user’s mental health condition, Talkthru lets users
  • Track their progress over time, regularly. 
  • Provide personalized recommendations based on user input and data 
  • Assist users in finding relevant resources and tools appropriate to their particular requirements.

From scheduling appointments to chatting with a personalized free chat with a therapist AI Chatbot friend, Individuals can access professional therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes. 

Final Verdict: The Best Online Therapy Platform In California 

1 in 6 people from California aged 6-17 didn’t seek help for their mental health. Talkthru changes that narrative forever. 

Being one of the few genuine AI online therapist free chat platforms,  Takthru’s promises come with a guarantee of a team of expert therapists, their use of evidence-based techniques and most of all, clear affordability for California’s residents. 

Let your thoughts go, and express what’s on your mind. It’s finally time to open up, reflect and talkthru.


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