Personalized care for all

Our licensed therapists provide responsive, time-sensitive, and consistent daily therapy to address a diverse set of needs, such as

Depression, Anxiety, Relationship/Family Issues, Stress Management, Anger Management, Traumatic Experiences, Substance Use, Grief/Loss, Chronic Medical Issues, Self Esteem, Eating Behaviors, Sleeping Issues, Mood Fluctuation, LGBT+ Issues, Other

TalkThru for Employers

Increased stress, negativity and family responsibilities can take a toll on an employee’s mental health. Support them and help your company grow stronger with our confidential conversations, trained listeners and activities while positively maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The result of it would be a happy, well-adjusted employee with improved productivity at work. All this without disclosing any information about the user.

TalkThru for Employee
Assistance Program

Employees expect beyond the regular when it comes to perks and benefits. Offer a real, clear and valuable employee benefit that makes them feel empowered. Get access to a network of licensed healthcare providers that provide supportive counseling services for your employees from anywhere while maintaining all the confidentiality.

AI Health Therapy Partners App in USA

TalkThru for Universities

Offering TalkThru text therapy to students allows them to gain convenient access to mental healthcare. Simultaneously, your facility can allocate resources to more acute mental healthcare cases.

Students benefit greatly by directly connecting to a licensed therapist anytime, anywhere! Why wait?

TalkThru for non-profits

Often those who help others need help. People working with non-profits face the same depression, loneliness and anxiety as others. Help your members and organizations grow stronger through TalkThru and give them the mental support they need.

TalkThru for Cities and Communities

What does community mean to you? Whether building a tight-knit group of people who help each other in times of need or inspiring individual self-care, mental health matters.

Our team of therapists at TalkThru is here to provide your community with the support it needs to improve the well-being of each member.

TalkThru for Brokers and Consultants

You’ve worked tirelessly to earn the trust and respect of your clients. As a knowledgeable leader aware of what’s possible, clients rely on you to guide them. So take the lead and direct valued clientele to TalkThru to prioritize their mental health. You’ll both be happy that you did.

Why we matter

  • Comprehensive mental health support.
  • Ability to pick the therapists you feel matches your needs best.
  • Support on-demand from anywhere at anytime
  • Convenient video and text therapy creates higher engagement
  • Unlimited messaging with a therapist
  • Ongoing support for mental health
  • Online access provides more balance in daily life (no commutes, waiting rooms, or parking at the therapy office)

Why collaborate with us

  • Convenient mental health support for your members
  • No setup fees
  • Roll out within a week
  • Simple dashboard to manage memberships
  • Designated success manager and support team
  • Choose the right coverage for your organization
  • Transparent pricing

Our flexible plan benefits partners and individuals

  • No long-term agreement.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing.
  • Invite any number of members.
  • Flexible mental healthcare (extend or discontinue).
  • Pay as you go.
  • Friendly support.
  • We cover your first week of usage.

Members Benefits

  • Accurate connection with a licensed therapist
  • Unlimited texting with their therapist
  • As requested, video sessions with their therapist
  • Mental health support on the go
  • Free therapeutic resources and access to digital worksheets.
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