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Online Therapy App New York City

In a city that never sleeps, workaholic residents of New York City are ALWAYS in need of therapy. However, with long chamber waiting lists and exorbitant prizes, most of the population has switched to online therapist-free chat platforms

Is New York aware enough of online therapy App platforms?

One might wonder how exactly New York fares in online therapist free chat App awareness and mental health owing to the fast-paced lifestyle and inability to self-reflect one’s psychological state of mind. 

Although its mental health awareness ranks higher than other states in the US, it is still 29th in being the worst-hit state for proper mental health diagnosis. This is because 60.90% of New York’s youth population did not receive proper mental health services despite suffering from numerous major depressive episodes in the past year.

Why is that so?

The biggest culprit hidden in New York Youth’s declining mental health remains the constant hustle of fast-paced education and work culture –  

This is why, over 10,000 online therapy platforms have been built since 2017 to combat issues of burnout and degradation, the silent breeding ground of mental health disorders. 

Is New York finding Online Therapy Free Chat Services effective?

Many online therapist App platforms and free chat with-therapist services try to combat this issue, but can hardly retain their users after a point of time. Only 4% of the users who download mental health apps actually continue to use them after 15 days. 


Many online therapy App platforms fail to engage the users due to:-

  • Improper User Interface, including complexity in navigating app features
  • Inadequate content variety, lack of diversity 
  • Lack of personalization and customization options

Why should New York choose Talkthru App?

New York’s youth and adult population have lower attention rates due to their fastidious lifestyle. This is why, we present to you a professionally licensed-approved free chat with therapist AI platform,  Talkthru AI! 

It implements a cutting-edge design-proven User Interface and experience to retain users 5x more than traditional online therapy platforms

Where Talkthru stands out from its peers is:

  1. Diverse in your treatment, customized for YOU

Recommended by a team of medical experts, Talkthru provides its users with a variety of CBT activities, meditation, yoga, and guided journaling after assessing their mental health.

  1. Tested, Proven, and scientifically backed

Talkthru’s online therapist free chat service has a strong base of clinical evidence along with peer-reviewed trials and efficacy studies across a range of mental health fields. 

This makes Talkthru one of the most promising online therapy platforms.

  1. Prioritizing YOUR mental health with Warmth 

With engaging and supportive therapy chat online, and guidance throughout the day, New York’s youth and adults both find a friend in Talkthru’s AI guiding coach.

  1. Ensuring Anonymity and Privacy

Talkthru ensures complete anonymity by aligning its therapy chat online algorithm with security regulations for mental health information. Talkthru doesn’t think twice and prioritizes user privacy and security over anything else.

THIS Online Therapist Free Chat Coach Listens to the Hearts of NYC

Traditional online therapy platforms like Wyasa and Youper are only text-based AI chatbots, without professional therapy services. Others like Happify and BetterHelp consist of only connecting with real-life therapists through chats and messages. There are no instant gratified chatbots to serve your needs 24/7 at your service.

Hybridity in Your Mental Health Care 

This is where Talkthru goes the extra mile for its users in New York – its –free chat-with-therapist model provides professional therapy services among a range of clinical specializations. All the while, its AI mental health chatbot is always there 24/7 for its users for an instant therapy session. 

  1. Want to have a quick therapy chat online? Our Chatbot is there for you 24/7! 

Talkthru’s mental health AI chatbot uses deep reinforcement learning to emulate human warmth in interaction with patients, all the while suggesting performing clinical care provision, in the form of medication tips, self-visualization techniques, and prevention treatment working simultaneously. 

Furthermore, Talkthru AI promises:- 

  • Management of your frequent anxieties and frustration throughout the day by making you practice deep breaths and meditation exercises in fun conversational ways. 
  • Help you build emotional awareness and compassion for yourself to help you take control of workplace and personal conflicts. 
  1. Want to upgrade to a professional therapist? You are only one text message away! 

If users want to upgrade their therapy to a more human-based approach, they can always choose their preferred online therapist free chat services from a range of options Talkthru offers in their dashboard. Every licensed therapist is only one text message away! It is really that easy to book a free therapist chat online session. 

The Best Online Therapy Platform: A clear choice for New York 

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Talkthru helps it become the city that never says “No” to treating mental health. 

With promising features, cost-free download, and a 24/7 mood guidance coach right in their pocket, the people of New York should not think twice and go with their very own promising online therapist free chat guidance coach. We’re just one tap away.

Feeling better starts with a single message. Let your thoughts flow and talk it thru


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