The Best Online Therapy Platform In Florida

Online Therapy App in Florida

One would think that technology’s rise would contribute to more awareness of online therapy App platforms in Florida. Yet, we do not see its utilization in countries like Florida, where more than one-third of the adults skipped in-person therapy due to exorbitant costs. 

The awareness of mental health remains inadequate at the state policy level, even as mental health cases continue to rise higher since the global pandemic. It is of utmost urgency for society to recognize the impact of the online therapy app Florida shift. This shift has proven to impact the lives of many youths, who have found a space online to express their concerns. 

How Bad Is the Mental Health Problem in Florida? 

Even if the youth has grasped some awareness, a glaring  63.5% of the adults residing in Florida are still reluctant to seek help for their severe mental health disorders, owing to their lack of awareness of online therapy app services, and the tendency to self-treat and diagnose. 

Why We Recommend Online Therapy Platforms

The benefits of online therapy App platforms are clear in the statistics:

  1. In 2015, a World Health Organization (WHO) survey of 15,000 mHealth apps revealed that 29% of online therapy app providers have a primary use case on:
  • Mental health diagnosis
  • Mental health treatment
  • Efficient clinical support
  1. The U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) have pointed to online therapy app platforms as the better, more cost-effective and increasingly scalable solutions if providers want to address the mental health treatment gap.  
  1. A meta-analysis of mental mobile apps revealed that using therapy chat online to alleviate symptoms and self-manage depression significantly reduced patients’ depressive symptoms compared to control conditions. 

How To Choose the Best Online Therapy Platform In Florida 

There are numerous traditional apps labeled under “best online therapy platforms on the internet, which signals great benefits and markets for “clinical” services that may not be fully backed by research. 

This innumerability in options may also cause considerable confusion among most adults who do not know which online counseling app is most appropriate for their own mental health. 

Some online therapy platforms connect users with a registered therapist, while some have switched to fully automated services with the implementation of mental health AI chatbot technology.

What if there was an app that could do both?

Introducing Talkthru AI – emerging as the most promising among the leading online therapy platforms. The online therapy app is created to serve as an all-in-one hybrid model for users that integrates scientifically therapeutic techniques in the form of a pocket-friendly app. It seeks collaboration of services between both professional therapy and automated mental health AI chatbot technology. 


  1. Increased accessibility: Talkthru attempts to break the barriers of distance, limited mobility, or lack of local mental health resources by providing a certified online therapist with free chat service right in the pocket. From Florida’s suburbs to rural or remote areas, Florida’s residents can easily connect with therapists and receive support without needing in-person visits. 
  1. Time-saving and convenient service: The maximum population in Florida is unaware of proper mental health centres in their location. Their inability to provide time has caused a largely unchecked mental health decline. Talkthru offers convenience and flexibility with its mental health AI Chatbot.

From scheduling appointments to chatting with a personalized friend, Individuals can access professional therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes. 

  1. Reduced stigma and increased comfort: Talkthru also targets the glaring stigma associated with seeking mental health support. Its secured online setting promises a safe space to individuals who might feel more comfortable opening up about their struggles in anonymity.

Talkthru encourages users to communicate with their therapists in a more open, honest manner. This can help people confront their mental health issues in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

The most special thing about Talkthru?

It NEVER bypasses the human touch of therapy, providing both options, human therapy and a mental health AI chatbot, each at your service.

Our in-person therapy provides with:

  • Reasonably priced appointments 
  • Highly trained team of specialists 
  • Privacy and security in patient information 

Promising more than the traditional “online therapy platforms”

A supplement service tends to substitute the dominant services. Several online therapy platforms have been called a “supplement to traditional therapy”. Talkthru goes beyond that, as its online free therapist chat providers reward its users with:-

  1. Immediate access to support: A variety of features are available through the Talkthru health AI chatbot, including symptom monitors, guided meditations, coping mechanisms, and social support. They are accessible at any time, giving people help and direction whenever they need it.
  1. Instant gratitude and motivation: Talkthru’s instantaneous access not only provides users with cutting-edge features of online therapy platforms but also becomes a full-time customized friend to their users, always at service to provide motivational talks, mental health tips, and audio files of soothing pep talks in the form of chats. 
  1. No hassles of subscriptions and technical formalities: The pocket-friendly app continues to serve its users without any hassle. Only one step of effortless signup lets users freely access Talkthru’s promising online therapy app services. 

Talkthru provides:- 

  • 24/7 accessible AI health app chatbot to motivate you and boost their mood anytime they want. 
  • Advanced CBT and DBT techniques for any kind of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, behavioural issues, lack of attention, focusing problems, demotivation, and many more. 

Florida’s Choice: The Best Online Therapy App 

Florida’s ailing mental health no longer has to suffer in silence. Being one of the few genuine AI Therapy platforms,  Takthru’s promises come with a guarantee of a team of expert therapists, their use of evidence-based techniques and most of all, clear affordability for Florida’s residents. 

Let your thoughts go, and express what’s on your mind. Its finally time to open up, reflect and talkthru. 


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